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Presenting Maxim88, Evolution Gaming’s official Asia partner

The world of Online Casino gaming has undoubtedly been on a steady increase and Maxim88 isn’t left out in this. Out of other official partners, it received a warm partnership recently by a Swedish-based online gambling software provider known as “Evolution Gaming”. This partnership is made at a time where Maxim88’s membership analytics is increasing at a high pace, all thanks to the quality of services provided, and also the bonuses provided. This partnership by Evolution Gaming is a step forward in its bid to penetrate the Asian Market.

Evolution Gaming & Maxim88 – Two great Companies

Maxim88 and Evolution Gaming

There is no doubt that evolution gaming is one of the oldest, and biggest software providers around the globe today as they’ve been on this since 2006. That’s way too long to be a whole boss.

Maxim88 on the other hand is also a large online Casino gaming brand in both Asia and Singapore. They’ve got a large user base due to their transparent and friendly approach to online gambling. For someone queriesconversant with online Casino Malaysia, this partnership between Evolution gaming and Maxim88 shouldn’t come as a surprise as Maxim88 on its own built a large name for itself as a brand regarding online Casino. Partnering with Maxim88 was probably an easy decision to make for Evolution gaming as Maxim88, aside been a type of trustworthy online Casino game provider with a large user base has also been in the game since 2006. That’s the same year Evolution Gaming came into being. In an interview carried out regarding this, the CEO, Evolution Gaming stated, and quote, “There’s been a great chance at online shopping forever due to the COVID-19 pandemic including Malaysia’s gambling landscape, and most Malaysians have migrated to online gambling. So we’ve chosen to work with Maxim88 to get our feet wet in Asia.” This clearly shows the rate of confidence in which Evolution Gaming has in their new partner.

For its royal and supporting members, Maxim88 did not have to pay large rents to other game providers anymore. A Maxim88 spokesman confirmed this. These words truly show the mutual respect these two Gaming brands have for each other.

What’s at stake for the Maxim88 end-user?

The partnership, or let’s say collaboration of these two large gaming brands is a huge win for the Maxim88 customers. Below are some reasons why.

They will be eligible for unique incentives and promotions on all Evolution Gaming games

Mr Lee; a spokesperson of Maxim88 stated “The fresh influx of funds grants Maxim88 the flexibility to put together a more rewarding promotion to its members”. When he made such remarks, players using this platform are to be glad as they’ll get to enjoy generous rewards and bonuses. Most of these advantages that you may gain with evolution Gaming include welcome bonuses of up to MYR90, a weekly reload bonus of 150% and a unique bonus of up to MYR88 for all players. Those on the Maxim88 platform automatically qualify for these bonuses. Important: All cause-of-play bonus credits gained may only be utilised to play Evolution Gaming games.

Gamers will have easy access to the best games by Evolution Gaming

If you’re truly a fan of online Casino games, you’ll surely love playing some of the best online games by Evolution gaming. As we all know, Evolution gaming has been in the online casino software market for almost 14 years. To be in this business this long, they surely know how to treat customers, attending to what their customers truly want. It has most of the best versions of these online games for you to enjoy, whether blackjack, Roulette, or any online casino game.

Premium Maxim88 Casino Table on Evolution Gaming

Players of Maxim88 will now have access to Evolution Gaming’s live casino tables, where they may partake in their preferred live casino games. You may even engage in real-time competition with players all around the world. All these competitions certainly give a sort of real-life experience, giving you that nervous sense as if you’re practically in the gaming room. So, if you seeking that type of experience, check out the live games offered by Evolution Gaming.

Active and reliable customer support

Maxim88 itself offers great customer service. Partnering with Evolution Gaming which is another big brand that entails having a prompt and really helpful customer support system whenever you’ve got any query.

In Conclusion

Maxim88 is a great brand offering great services, going into partnership with Evolution Gaming, another big brand with great services. With the two, one is certainly sure of getting the best Online Casino experience, offering great services, and bonuses to its gamers. Why are you still left out on this? Join the winning team today and get the best out of it.


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