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Become a Maxim88 VIP member today!

Become a Maxim88 VIP member today!

Today, the internet is saturated with lots of Casinos of which Asia boasts of having more than a hundred. But amongst all these casinos, one is always superior to the other, standing firm at a higher level. Relating to this, we present you Maxim88. Being one of the most popular online casino gaming platforms in this region, this live casino gaming site is reputable for various factors.

Ranging from a wide variety of games to impressive betting platforms, great security standards, and then its amazing cash-out systems, Maxim88 is very famous amongst seasoned gamers within, and even at the outskirts of Asia.

The site aids its players in providing a friendly, responsive, and very helpful customer section. These customer care representatives ensure players are never stranded trying to navigate the betting site, register an account, play some games, and even cash out their funds. There are highly trained to provide clear guidance and support to new and returning players.

However, Maxim88 still gives amazing supports to players by providing bonuses and promotions.

On this platform, players don’t just enjoy the gaming environment and features but are presented with a plethora of bonuses.

The Maxim88 VIP program is more lucrative support on the site. Most players who are conversant with this betting site tends to play more and increase their ranks on the platform. The further you climb the VIP ranks, the more you’ll play. As you advance from one tier to the other, you’ll gain great service support, exclusive bonuses, unique cash rebates, cash gifts, treats, improved bonus programs, and other amazing offers.

Why become a Maxim88 VIP member today?

Being a regular member of Maxim88, you’re entitled to many supports and bonuses as long as the requirements are met. You’ll gain access to many games and also benefit from promotions. These benefits include Evolution Gaming welcome bonus, Maxim88 Draw welcome You bonus, Maxim88 month prize giveaway, Evolution Gaming weekly Reload Bonus, Refer More, 50% Daily Reload Bonus, Free birthday bonus, and others. Though this list looks very much impressive and encouraging, gaining bonuses becomes more encouraging and impressive once you register as a VIP member. This begins from the classic tier, that’s after depositing the minimum amount requested within a month. The system then asks you to verify your identity.

Benefits of being a Maxim88 VIP member

Benefits of being a Maxim88 VIP

Once the system verification is completed and successful, you’ll be promoted to the classic VIP rank. At this level, your deposits and withdrawals will be treated with priority, and your daily minimum limits, transaction counts, and customer service are all enhanced.

Also, you’ll enjoy exclusive bonuses including a tier upgrade bonus, weekly raffle ticket, and a higher birthday bonus. You’ll also be at liberty to claim a 0.40% slot rebate bonus, 0.50% live Casino rebate bonus, 0.60% sports rebate bonus, and a referral bonus. The VIP program gets more exciting, encouraging, and rewarding as you move higher in rank.

When you deposit SDG 150,000 in a month, you’ll advance to the Silver VIP membership slot and also get verified. Once ranked as this member, you’ll gain bonuses like the one you enjoyed as a classic player, but this time it comes with higher percentages, great support, and a birthday month movie ticket.

Moving onto the next rank that is the Gold VIP. It gives the same fundamental advantages as the Silver player, but with larger bonus rates and offers. Also, you’ll get an account manager, special birthday gifts, festival gifts, and also a bulk of weekly bonuses. You must deposit a minimum of SDG500,000 in a single month to get this rating.

The platinum VIP programme may be pursued at a breakneck speed to the summit. You’ll enjoy all bonuses and promotions that come with the Gold VIP membership but with massive benefits. By depositing SDG800,000 in your Maxim88 account, you will surely enjoy all these benefits even more. Except for Crockford, the promotions and percentages on different incentives are substantially greater in the platinum VIP as compared to other VIP tiers.
For Crockford, you need to be invited specially by Maxim88 before you can enjoy the amazing benefits it has to offer.

How to become a Maxim88 VIP member

  • Register away a new member by clicking the “Join Now” button.
  • Enter your username and password to access your account information.
  • Place your bets on your favourite games after depositing money into your casino account!
  • To qualify for the traditional VIP membership, you must deposit a total of SDG 50,000 into your account five times. Once eligible, your rank automatically changes from regular to classic VIP.
  • SDG150, 000 in your casino account at least once to qualify for silver VIP membership.
  • Deposit at least SDG500,000 once to go for the Good VIP membership.
  • To become a platinum VIP member, deposit at least SDG800,000 once.
  • For Crockford VIP membership, you’ll be invited by Maxim88 online Casino, when they deem it fit to.

In conclusion

Everyone wants something extra, and as we all know, there’s always a price for a quality extra. Become a VIP member today and enjoy major benefits. Who knows, in no time Maxim88 online casino will send that invitation with ease




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